About RabbiZayah


RabbiZayah is a musical collaborative which believes that movements, communities and individuals organize around rhythm and song, and that it is our natural inclination as people to sing together.

With song, RabbiZayah aim to mobilize the spirit of our communities and unlock the spiritual potential inherited from our ancestors and beyond.

RabbiZayah's musical ideas span cross-racially, culturally and religiously, bringing together a diverse group of musicians and voices of the 21st Century. It is our belief that through song we build dialogue and through dialogue we build a stronger and more sustainable future for our shared destiny. Inspired by Rabbi Isaiah J. Rothstein, a mixed-race Jew from Monsey, NY.

RabbiZayah Brings together ideas around Biblical themes, self-care, civil rights, spiritual longing, dreams, relationships, community and personal connection. 

Our blessing: May it be the will of the Divine, that through song we can invigorate and vitalize a generation with hope, with joy and with tenderness.  

Band Members

Vocals, Guitar / Isaiah J. Rothstein
Lead Guitar/ Aryeh Teifenbrun
Keyboard / Fidel Cuellar
Bass / David Backer
Drums / Eli Katz
Percussion/ Yoni Stokar
Violin/ Ben Sacks
Cello/ Bobby Crow
Horns/ Zach Meyer, Max Zooil, Cody Rowlands
Penny Whistle/ Zach Meyer
Youth Choir/ Members of Carmel Academy's Graduating Class of 2019