You invest in my time, and I invest my energy into the community.

You make it possible, and I make it happen.

Why donate

I know fully well that when making a tax-deductible gift, and deciding who you sponsor, the question of impact must come up. It is hard to give money to everything, and on some level the funder needs to determine whether this person can carry out your values for the larger community, and is what this person brings to the community a source of inspiration and positive development.

If you know me, the following wont come as a surprise, and if you don’t, reach out!

My projects

  1. I’m Writing a Musical: I am in middle of writing the “Jewish Hamilton” -- I’ll give you a private show, and to help me get it running I’m looking for supporters.

  2. My first album “Dreaming Awake” is out along with this Music Video — can you help me make more inspiring, educational and meaningful videos like this one?

  3. I am a song writer with dozens of songs I want to gift to the world, I just would like support in paying for the recording time.

  4. Bridge-building and holding multiple identities is one of my super-powers, help me help the community develop and become stronger, especially around Jewish engagement and diversity.

  5. My non-profit, the Union Street Sanctuary hosts programs around the New York area, we are looking for more support in branding and marketing.

How to donate